Cloud Librarian DownUnder

Exploring the opportunities and challenges of collaborative cloud based library infrastructure.


About this site: the observations and thoughts about linked data and cloud-based library services as well as their impact on:

  • end users,
  • workflows and operational sustainability,
  • staff skills to make it happen,
  • the vendor services we need, and
  • the global and national library infrastructure we will need to rely on.#

# Library infrastructure such as Libraries Australia and SCIS has served us well. But with more libraries moving into the cloud, and with more libraries looking at linking to content outside of the traditional library domains, the library infrastructure that has served us so well will need to adapt and respond. The alternative invites the risk of becoming siloed and therefore irrelevant. A big challenge will be ensuring the Australian library infrastructure has the necessary resources to respond to these challenges and opportunities.

About me: I’m an Australian library manager who’s library systems are in the cloud. I’m not a cataloguer, acquisitions librarian or systems librarian, but as I manage a small library I have to be across all these roles.