On 2 September I wrote a post about adding discovery metadata for books that are about to be published with a focus on how this can provide a better level of service for library patrons. The book used in the example is “Girl online : going solo ISBN 9780141372198“, the third in the popular Girl Online series by Zoe Sugg. As noted in my previous post, even though this title will not be available until 17 November 2016, I created a record in my library catalogue (and therefore in WorldCat) so library patrons can start to place holds on the book before it comes into the library. Because the library uses WorldShare the record is immediately available for any other WorldCat library, AND it is discoverable via Libraries Australia. But..

How long does it take to load the metadata into Libraries Australia, and then how long does it take the Libraries Australia holdings to be cross referenced back to WorldCat?

The record (OCLC Number: 957573689) was created on late Thursday afternoon on 1 September 2017 Eastern Australian Time. While the record was not loaded into Libraries Australia on Thursday night, it was loaded over the weekend. According to the Libraries Australia MARC 005 date of last replace field it was loaded on Saturday night at 9:46 pm. See the following screen shot for details of the Libraries Australia results screen from searching on the ISBN 9780141372198. This is all good, but in the back of my mind I wonder if there are implications in Libraries Australia continuing with batch loading new records from WorldCat as distinct from the National Library of New Zealand moving Te Puna into WorldCat so the new WorldCat records appear in real time. For example, the Libraries Australia record shows my libraries holdings in the MARC 850 holding Institution as well as showing the WorldCat record number in the Libraries Australia MARC 035 System Control Number field, but the Libraries Australia control number 000058576530 is yet to be crossed referenced back inside the WorldCat record MARC 029 Other System Control Number.


As I write this post this is the only record in either WorldCat or Libraries Australia for this expression of the work (this title with this ISBN), and my library is the only library showing in WorldCat or Libraries Australia with holding attached. It will be fascinating to see what happens to this record over the next few months:

  • How long will it take for other libraries to attach their own holdings to this record,
  • What will other libraries, or library vendors, do to amend and or enhance the record, or
  • Will other libraries not see (or ignore) this record and create unnecessary duplicates that have the effect of cluttering up both WorldCat and Libraries Australia.
  • How long will it take for the cover art to appear on the WorldCat record as it immediately appeared on the Libraries Australia record

In the meantime, looking more closely at the record it is interesting to see that OCLC has enhanced the record by added a British National Bibliographic number or BNB, in this case MARC 015 $aGBB660152$2bnb. This happened within 48 hours of the record first appearing in WorldCat. Like most other Australian librarians, I was ignorant of BNBs. I was therefore interested to read the BNB documentation on the British Library website, particularly as in how BNBs relate to CIP, or Catalogue-in-Publication records.  See also the following image for details for the BNB GBB660152 appearing in the WorldCat record (OCLC Number: 957573689).